Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Twisty Braid Bun

Ignore the frizzies...it has been a LONG day.

This braid was actually easy to do, made easier by bobby pins.

I flipped my hair over to one side and started a braid at the top.  You want to do the typical braiding, but only add hair on the outside instead of both sides.  Basically you will cross from the outside and pull hair into it, cross from the inside without adding hair into it, cross from the outside and pull, and so on. 

Don't pull overly large sections.
Keep braiding and pulling, I tend to lean and bend with the braid to make my hair fall in the right direction so that it does not get messy.  When you run out of hair to pull, continue braiding the hair and secure with a clear small ponytail.

Twist and pin the braid into the desired spiral, add some hairspray, and tuck any loose ends into the braid.

And then remark on how difficult it is to get pictures of the back of your own head.

For long hair lovers, it is a great way to put a little extra something into a hair do.  As an added bonus, when you take it down it should be nice and wavy!

That's like BOGO for fixed hair ;).

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