Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sleeping in Sponge Rollers

So you like curled hair but your hair doesn't play nice with curling irons.  Welcome to my world.  My hair has plenty of body and volume, but no desire to be tamed by heat processes.  The workaround is sponge rollers.

You can find them at places like Wal-Mart and similar in the hair section, they come in a square pack usually that has pink, green, yellow, and blue rollers which range from really large to really small, respectively.

If you have a ton of hair like mine, you may consider buying two packs unless they have an extra pack of just blues.  I usually use blue and yellow to get all of the main up.

Now, sleeping in sponge rollers sounds uncomfy right? WRONG.  All you need to do is put your hair up in a high ponytail first.  Then you roll up very small sections of hair, I usually grab no more than 1/2 inch sections. 

Slightly dampen the strand of hair, keep a damp washcloth on hand or similar, and wrap the end around the roller.  Roll it up until you get to the ponytail base.  I usually start with the top of my ponytail and work my way back.

When it is all rolled up, close your eyes and take a nice sleep.  Even with this head of hair, I rarely feel it while I am sleeping.  In the morning you will just need to take all the rollers back out, separate the curls a little and fluff as desired, and then spray with quality hairspray such as Freeze It.

And then choke for the next ten minutes on the fumes.

But later realize the choking was worth it because you had fantastic hair all day long.

If it can't be done while I am sleeping, it is not a hairstyle I consider.  Haha, that is not 100% true but it is darn close.

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