Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bottle Cap Magnets

You need:
-Magnet backing (I like business card magnet backs from Staples! They are easy to cut and sticky already.)
-1 inch scrapbook circle punched out
-1 bottle cap
-1 inch epoxy stickers (or resin)

I use a 1 inch punch on some cutesy scrapbook paper.  I rarely scrapbook any more, mostly because Shutterfly keeps sending me good deals on books. 

Glue the circle into the bottle cap using crazy glue, E6000, regular glue, whatever you have on hand.  I basically use E6000 for everything.

I don't like to use epoxy stickers on jewelry, but they are just fine for magnets.  Put the epoxy stickers in, cut a circle out of the magnet backing and attach.
Put the magnet on your fridge and enjoy!

I never have enough magnets in my apartment, so I think I will make an army of these.

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