Friday, April 12, 2013

Sea Shell Cake

This is the cake that the white chocolate pieces were for!  I love to have cakes that have a lot of white chocolate decorations, because they are delicious.

I highly suggest to brides out there to consider taste in every detail.  The really weird thing about weddings and cakes is that the bride is so busy a lot of them hardly even taste their cake.  So it is really cool to get some every now and then that are thinking solely of their guests!

Anyway, the topper was found on amazon, and the luster dust on the shells really made them coordinate with the topper.  The sides have brain squiggles (ok fine, Cornelli lace if you insist) on them and it made a vibrant fun cake that looked beautiful. 

It is on a silver stand from Hobby Lobby.

AND that is a tasty, beautiful, craft of the day!

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