Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Asiago Garlic Herb Biscuits

I consider these to be like the Red Lobster biscuits, but on CRACK!

-6 TB butter, about half melted (I took my straight from the fridge, microwaved it for 30 seconds.  Ended up half melted half not, and I think that was the key to LIFE).
-2 C AP flour
-1.5 C finely shredded Asiago cheese
-1.25 C Milk
-1/2 TB basil
-1/4 TB Rosemary
-1/3 TB garlic (you can tell I like to eyeball things)
-Dash o' salt
-1 TB baking powder

Mix all this up in a bowl.  For me, I was a little surprised that it took as little milk as it did.  I was expecting equal parts flour to milk, but I think the meltiness of the butter helped me out here.  More on that to follow.

Drop by spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet (not sure if it is necessary so much as just a habit for me) and bake for 18 minutes at 400F.

Anyway, back when I made my birthday cake cookie sandwiches (which were fantastically delicious and I wish I had some right now) it started out like my regular homemade graham crackers do but I had accidentally melted the butter.  What it resulted in was a fluffy and delightful concoction not at all like my usual grahams.  It created a really moist batter and I never could get it back to what it was supposed to be, but the end result was amazing.

Quite the happy accident.

SO I think that is why these resulted in less milk.  Let me tell you, much to my surprise they had an IDENTICAL texture to the ones at Red Lobster.  Moist, soft, fluffy.  HAPPY.  They definitely tasted more happy.

And getting to eat one directly out of the oven definitely made ME more happy as well.

Ok fine I ate two.

I also put just a dab of butter on top of each one right when they came out so it could melt into it...you can't blame me there.

This made about a dozen or so.

Believe it or not I still have asiago cheese left.  I have used the triangle that I got from Meijer (it was the cheese of the month) for a couple of things now, and I still have about a fourth of it.  You definitely don't have to overdo it with asiago, it definitely has ample flavor.

Anyway I think these biscuits are a fun and fancy spin on those fantastic Red Lobster ones. 

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