Monday, February 10, 2014

Oven Dried Peppers

You really just need peppers and an onion.

I also used parchment paper because I did not want them to burn and I also did not really want to wash my pan...

Anyway, these are serranos and I sliced them in half after taking the ends off to roast them.  Basically, I wanted them to dry faster because I started doing this around 8PM.  If you have all day, you go for it whole.

Anyway, set your oven on a low heat, under 200F.  200 is the first temperature notch on my gas oven so it is hard for me to say exactly where mine was setting, but anything from 170F to 200F should be fine.

Anyway (I just said it since I had previously, ahaha), roast these for about 4 hours, flipping the peppers over every hour or so.  You want them to be nice and dry.  Moisture left in them will not help them keep. As always, time will vary based on oven and pans.  I have a gas oven and dark nonstick.  I roasted mine on a lower shelf.

I don't really have any good sources of direct sunlight, nor a balcony, nor anything else to let Mother Nature dry peppers for me.  So that is why I gave it a go in my oven.  So far, it seems to have worked pretty well.

Obviously if you can let the sun work its magic, I highly suggest it.  But if you need some peppers dried quickly, I think this is a good option.

I have mine stored in a ziploc bag.  I made the mistake of biting in to one because, I don't know, I guess I have a deathwish or maybe since I am almost done with graduate school I feel invincible.  I highly do NOT suggest biting in to one.

However, it did help me realize that yes, they were dry, and yes, they were spicy.

Don't worry, I cooled my mouth down with a Twinkie.

I crushed up a piece of one for some salsa chicken that is currently going in my crockpot, which you may just see the recipe for tomorrow if it turns out as amazing as I fully believe that it will.  I am really unsure of how much to use, so hopefully I used enough to add a little heat.

If not, I will just never admit that I used any ;).  Problem solved.

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