Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beach Party Cookie Ideas

I think a lot of people I know could use a little sunshine right now.  It has been a pretty snowy winter here, and even though I am typically not a summer-lover (I burn far too easily) even I would be happy to trade my snow boots in for some flip flops.

...and mostly some kabobs on the grill.  Because it always come down to food with me.

Anyway, the cookies are decorated sugar cookies with beach balls, lighthouses, palm trees, star fish, etc.  You can make these yourself with your favorite roll-out recipe and a good batch of royal icing, or you can make life simple and get someone to make them for you.  Then, to add a little variety, there are star fish and sea shell white chocolate candies.

If you are a really elaborate soul, you could put a little oil flavoring in the white chocolate for coconut or orange or anything else that may make you think of the warmer time of year spent having a good time.

Regardless of whether you are having a party, or just want to pretend you are at a beach bash, a tasty box of treats is my personal favorite way to do it.

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