Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Champion Brownies: Easy Rich Chocolate Brownies and Peanut Butter Helmets

For the Brownies:
-1 box chocolate fudge brownie mix for a 9x13 pan
-Ingredients needed for the brownies EXCEPT chocolate sauce in place of water (I used my balsamic chocolate sauce, recipe found here.)
-1/2 container of chocolate icing

For the peanut butter helmets:
-1/2 C peanut butter
-1 pack of chocolate candiquick
-1 heaping TB coconut butter
-1/2-1 C powdered sugar (start with less and work up to desired consistency)
-water as needed to bring mixture together (add about a TB at a time)
-silicone helmet molds

Bake the brownies according to directions, as stated above switching out a chocolate sauce for water.  My balsamic chocolate sauce is about the same consistency as chocolate syrup that you would buy for ice cream, to give you an idea of texture.

While that is going on, mix up the peanut butter centers.  I made mine a stiffer center that I could shape and mold myself, so I probably used closer to 1 C powdered sugar and about 1/4 C or maybe a little less of water to bring it all together.

Melt the candiquick and put about a half teaspoon or so in the bottom of a helmet well.  Using the back of a spoon or a paintbrush, brush the chocolate up the sides of the mold.

Do that for all the helmets and pop it in the fridge for 3-5 minutes or so until the chocolate is set.

Press the peanut butter into the molds and cover and seal in melted chocolate.  Put them back in the fridge for another 5 minutes or so.  Pop them out of the molds and keep them in a relatively cool place until ready to top the brownies.  My apartment is always warm, so I kept mine in the fridge.

I made 24 helmets and had ample filling and chocolate that I could have made probably at least 36.

Once the brownies come out, allow them to cool for a bit.  I actually cut mine first just to make it easier at the party, but you do not have to.

Put the chocolate icing in a measuring cup or small bowl and heat for about 30 seconds to melt it.

Drizzle as much icing as desired all over the brownies. I let that cool down about five minutes and then drizzled some of the extra melted candiquick over the brownies as well.

When that has all cooled down, press the helmets into the icing.

These are sure to be a hit at any party.  The coconut butter in the peanut butter centers really gives them a subtle flavor that reminds me a lot of a chico stick, or whatever those tasty candy sticks were that had the coconut on the outside.

The chocolate sauce gives the brownies an extra hint of awesome.  It is a really great way to make a box of brownie mix taste a little fancier.  Sometimes, you really just don't feel like making a brownie from scratch...

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