Monday, December 23, 2013

Vanilla Sugar for Holiday and DIY Gifting

You will need:
-1 small container with locking lid (I used the one shown from Hobby Lobby, it is about 2.5 inches tall or so)
-1 vanilla bean
-Enough sugar to fill the jar

Slit the vanilla bean and scrape the vanilla yumminess out of the inside.  Cut the remaining part of the bean in half and toss it in the jar.

Pour in enough sugar to come to the top of the jar and mix in the vanilla bits you scraped from the inside of the bean.  You can definitely toss this in a food processor and pulse a few times if you like, just don't turn the sugar into dust!

For best results, let it sit at least a week before gifting it.  I shook mine every couple days to make sure nothing was clumping together.  Include a note to let the recipient know that they can stretch this further by adding in more sugar as it is used and shaking it up.

This is great to use on sugar cookies, in tea or coffee, or wherever else you might think.  For a total package, I am including a cookie baking book and a couple packs of cookie mix. Let's face it, sometimes you want to make them from scratch and sometimes you do NOT.

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