Friday, December 13, 2013

Minion Lightbulb Ornament

You need yellow, blue, black, and white paint, and a lightbulb of course.

I painted the yellow top first, and the blue simultaneously. Let this dry and then add the eyeball details.

To let this dry, I typically find something like that a bottlecap or a roll of washi tape or similar.  Minions don't mind drying upside down! :)

This will be a fun addition to the shenanigans tree when I get home to put it up again.  I have been switching out my lightbulbs for CFLs throughout my apartment.  I had so much fun last year upcycling bulbs that I decided to let it carry over.  And I DO love Despicable Me and the minions.

To hang this, I am planning on gluing a ribbon or similar onto the top with E6000, you could use hot glue as well of course.

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