Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY Burlap Wreath

You will need:
-1 16 inch wreath form, wire with greenery fronds to attach things (Hobby Lobby)
-1* Roll of burlap, 6 inch by 5 yards
-A scrap of fabric roughly 12x12 or similar amount, I used material leftover from my settee
-Embellishments, I used a rustic red poinsettia with jingle bells in the middle that I got from Hobby Lobby
-Extra wire, thin

If you want to make a super fluffy wreath, buy two things of burlap.  I had JUST enough.  You could buy two different shades if you like.  I saw extremely cute red burlap with snowflakes in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby, but it was way pricier so I stuck with just plain since I already had scrap fabric I could mingle in.

Anyway take 3-4 inches of burlap and fold it to make a loop.  I used the fronds on the wreath to secure it down, as that is what the wreath and fronds are for according to the tag.

That's right, I read the tag for once.

Keep making these loops and securing them, altering the ring they are attached to and the direction they are oriented. If you have a big embellishment like this one, you can leave a gap at the end because it will cover it.  Just like the burlap, I attached the embellishment by wrapping a frond around it and onto the wire form. 

Since I only used one roll of burlap, I thought this looked awfully sparse when I was finished.  I decided that I had some scrap fabric in my bag that would be perfect for this.  I cut strips of fabric approximately 1.5 inch wide and about 6 inches long and made bows.

I held the two ends together, brought them to the middle of the fabric loop that it made, squeezed the middle together and wrapped it in wire to secure the bow form.  I used the tail of the wire to secure the bow to the wreath.

Others I just made smaller loops of my scrap fabric and secured them, that way it was not so apparent that I just stuck bows in this thing.

And then I hung it above the baking department, and it promptly made me want to make holiday treats.  Oh if I only had Christmas cookie cutters here, the mess I would make!

But thankfully (sadly) I don't so this area is clean for now until I make bread later or pretzels tomorrow.  This wreath goes great with my overall scheme of neutrals in my apartment.

I had left my shenanigans tree at home, which made me sad because it has all my crazy homemade ornaments on it, and I was ready to add the Stash Away All ornament that I made a few weeks ago to the mix.  Not having any holiday d├ęcor in the apartment prompted me to go to Hobby Lobby to correct it.  This wreath basically cost me $10, and I got lights and mini tree for right about $10 as well.  It has a burlap base, the tree does, and only cost $5 as everything is half off right now. 

This wreath is starkly different from the pristine white modern one I made last year for my studio at home, but I absolutely adore it.  I wanted something soft and rustic or vintage looking, and it is definitely a very warm and welcoming addition to my wall hangings. 

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