Friday, December 6, 2013

Banana Nut Bread Pudding from Extra Muffins

-16 mini or about 4 normal sized banana nut muffins.  They need to be pretty hearty muffins, mine included oats and were from the recipe here.
-1/2 C golden raisins or raisin medley from Trader Joe's (the medley is my personal preference)
-2 slices (I used the heals) of a hearty bread like Meijer's Eurograin bread from the bakery
-2 eggs
-3/4 C milk
-1/2 TB cinnamon
-2 shakes nutmeg and 3 of ginger
-Brown sugar for sprinkling

Tear up the bread and the muffin bits and toss them with the raisins.  Turn this mixture out into a glass baking dish, mine was approximately 5 inches wide by 8 inches long perhaps.  I really am bad about knowing what my baking dishes are, but it is a rectangular Pyrex and those dimensions should be pretty reasonable.  It is smaller than the 8x10 photo hanging on my wall near my kitchen!

Anyway, mix the eggs with the milk and spices and blend well. Pour over the bread mix.  I like to press the bread stuff down after doing this with a fork to make sure it is absorbing the egg-milk.  If you want yours to still look fluffy you don't have to.  This was my first bread pudding, I am allowed to be paranoid.

Anyway let this sit while you preheat your oven to 350F.  When it comes to temperature, sprinkle brown sugar on top the bread pudding and bake 25-35 minutes or until set.  I did not put any sort of drizzle or icing over mine tonight, but I very well might whip one up in the morning from a little milk and powdered sugar or similar.  A caramel drizzle over this would be divine!

It is a funny, although rather frustrating at the time, story of how this idea came about.  When I baked those banana walnut muffins a few days ago I used Wilton mini liners that were paper and not foil.  May it was the fact the muffins were banana based or maybe the liners are different as I have not used them in a LONG time for minis, but the papers would not release from the bottom of my muffins.

I was super heartbroken as I wanted to take them in to work with me, but luckily I had enough big ones to take.  I did not want to throw the little guys away though because I hate wasting things, and I was really rolling through my brain trying to come up with a good idea.  These are the times I basically pretend I am on Chopped and try to come up with something from really random things.

Since I made the muffins so hearty instead of cupcake-y, I opted for bread pudding and I must say it worked out really well.  There are a lot of good textures going on since the bread has grains and the muffins have walnuts, and then the chewy raisins cut through with a different flavor.  I would also suggest considering blueberries or craisins if you are just not a big raisin fan.

And if you like chocolate covered bananas, maybe even chocolate covered raisins in this. I of course wanted to put bacon in it...but I held back.

Sometimes life has a way of really giving you what you need and not always what you want.  I originally planned on having a friend over this weekend, but some snow has come in and wiped those plans out.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because although I would really like to see my friend, I REALLY needed to do a deep clean this weekend on my apartment.  It is not dirty, but there is just clutter clutter everywhere, and I kind of want to rearrange things. 

Telltale to my personality, I really want to put my desk where my TV is to optimize the light I get and because I rarely turn my TV on...I really don't think it has earned the prime location.  That was on my list of things to do, but I opted to focus on my kitchen tonight instead.  It is a very long list of things to do...

But NOW I have some delicious bread pudding to reward myself with. 

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