Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chocolate Dipped Triple Double Stuffed Oreos: The Tastiest No-Bake Dessert

For every pack of Triple Double Stuffed Oreos, you will want two packs of Candiquick (white or chocolate, or one of each).

Let me start off by saying I HIGHLY suggest the white chocolate coating on these.  I did not personally try the chocolate coating, I am gifting these to some chocolate lovers I know, but I did try the white and it was basically Heaven.

In fact, it was a lot like dirt pudding, all condensed into a portable little cookie in a way.

Regardless, melt the chocolate according to package directions.  You can either keep it in the trays or melt in in a bowl or soup mug.  Honestly, it doesn't much matter for oreos.  Pretzel rods are a different story, as they would be impossible to dip in a bowl.

After you have the chocolate melted, plop an oreo in it and scoop chocolate over the top and down the sides to coat it all.  I like to use a FORK (much easier to balance than a knife and less frustrating than tongs) to get under the cookie, hold it up for a moment and let the chocolate drain, and then transfer it to wax paper to dry.  I just let mine slide off the fork.

They may need 20 or 30 minutes to set, you could pop them in the fridge if you need to speed them up a bit.  Just do not leave them in too long as chocolate that cools quickly will streak sometimes.

So, typically I just dip double stuffed oreos as I find dipping the originals to be insulting.  They don't have near enough icing!  But these Triple Doubles...they have made me a changed woman! These are amazing dipped in chocolate.  It ends up costing you more because there are fewer in a pack (not that I counted but logistically I assume this) but they are so impressive looking when you bite into them...

It is like a super simple cookie torte of amazingness.

In fact, you should probably just go ahead and call them that.  Unless you need to impress someone.  In which case they would be the Super Complex Cookie Tortes of Amazingness that Require Extreme Talent and Beauty.  That is a pretty impressive title...

There are multiple reasons to make these: 1) you don't have to fire up the oven.  2) these are relatively no-fail unless you ignore the chocolate melting directions.  3) they look awesome.  4) they take an already loved cookie to a whole new level.  This is like an oreo with a PhD. 5) RIDICULOUSLY EASY!

My best friend loves dipped oreos, and I am taking her Christmas gift to her tomorrow, so I am adding these in with it.  I had gotten a broken pack of oreos and my mom was nice enough to go to the store in town and pick me some up.  They were running a special on cookies, and that is how we ended up with these fancy cookies.  It was QUITE a happy chance that stemmed from a very sad little pack of busted up oreos.

But that seems to be how the best things come about in life.

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