Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Noodle Soup

-1 to 1.5 C leftover turkey, chopped or shredded
-4 C water
-2 TB butter
-1 tsp marjoram
-2 shakes thyme
-1 tsp sage
-Salt to taste
-Noodles (based on whether you want it heavy on noodles or more brothy)

So I just tossed all this into a pan, brought it up to boiling, and let it cook long enough to cook the noodles.  The herbs gave it a nice hearty taste that made it seem like it had been cooking away much longer.  If you happened to have turkey broth leftover you could absolutely sub that in for water, or even use chicken stock or similar to add another level of depth.  I knew I was making mine heavy on the turkey and noodles and low on the broth side, so I was not overly concerned.

This is a fun way to use up some of that turkey, or to use turkey that you store in the freezer after the holidays.  It is also perfect for cuddling up and relaxing after the holiday business.  I don't personally Black Friday shop very often, but just deleting all these emails that have overrun my inbox because of it was thoroughly exhausting and required soup ;).  Turkey and dumplings would also be a quality option.

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