Monday, March 25, 2013

Taco Bowl

-1 8" taco shell
-1/2 C-1C shredded chicken
-1/4 C corn
-Lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and desired toppings

We have probably by now all see the idea of baking a taco shell in the bottom of a muffin pan.  I opted to toss mine in a cake pan as well to make it a little easier for me to grab out of the oven.  I put the tortilla shell between the cups and rubbed it with a little canola oil so that it would crisp up in the oven.  I popped it in at 350 until it was golden brown.  I really could have left mine in a few minutes longer, as you can tell it is a very light golden, but I was really hungry...

Earlier I had boiled 4 strips of chicken tenderloins with enough water to cover them, salt, and about 4 TB of butter. 
After they had boiled for about 40 minutes, I was able to shred them.  I ended up with plenty of chicken for this and for the chipotle chicken salad that I will make later this week.  I popped the excess chicken in my freezer so that I did not have to worry about it staying fresh until Thursday.

I also was left with a large container full of chicken broth, which is slated for use in a couple of recipes this week. 

With the chicken I was going to use in this, I popped it in a skillet with a very small pat of butter, 1/4 C water, and a generous sprinkle of taco seasoning.  I also tossed in the frozen corn.  Really everything is already cooked you are just going for seasoning here, so I let it cook on low until the taco bowl was done.

Then I piled on the toppings and stuffed my face.  It was delicious.  The best part about this is the tomato medley pack was on sale for 99 cents as they were starting to get a little soft (perfect for roasting in my Tuesday dinner) and the guacamole was also clearanced out for being close to the expiration date but it will survive substantially longer in my freezer.  This all made my taco bowl delicious and highly affordable.

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