Saturday, March 30, 2013

Poofing the Unruly Mane

I always say that my hair fixes great, when you play by its rules.  You sometimes have to find a few workarounds if you have hair that is a little on the soft side. My hair also does not always like to tease.  But as I said, there is always a workaround.

So, I did not do it for these shots but if you want a higher poof, you can tease it a little with a comb.  Tease under the section of hair. You can smooth it out after.

The next step for poofing the unruly mane involves twisting the section up to your scalp.  I hold it close to my scalp, press it against my head, and push it toward the front of my head.

This secures all the little unruly pieces in the twist and pushes them up as a group.

When I try to poof mine up without twisting it, it tends to separate right along my part...or fall flat in no time.
So then I hold it in place with one hand and put 3 bobby pins in to hold it and spray it with hairspray. 

I put the first two pins in an X and the third one down through the X.  I call it the Trinity of bobby pins.  Two just never works for me.

Now this clearly has a bit of a bump in it which I rarely have if I tease it first.  After I get it secured I usually use my comb again to smooth it out or lightly pull any strands that need to come up a little bit.

If you pull the rest of your hair into a bun you can take the pins back out as soon as you have your hair up, which for me avoids a lot of unneeded headaches.  And as a bonus, it makes my ponytails look a little less like I didn't want to try that morning! :)

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