Friday, March 1, 2013

Apple Straws

Ok fine, call shenanigans if you want to.  I know that I made apple chips once before, and these are pretty much the same because they are straws right?

Wrong.  They are better because they look like french fries, and everyone says you eat with your eyes.  Hence, these look more indulgent than apple chips.  Or at least that is how I am justifying this ;).

Regardless you need to get a mandoline if you don't have one already.  I really don't know how anyone doesn't have one because they are amazing.  I use mine with kevlar gloves and I can willy nilly cut things at ninja speeds without fear of losing a finger.  It's pretty impressive. 

I used the larger of the julienne plates on mine and cut each side of the apple with it until I was close to the core.  Bonus of this method, no need to core or worry about the top and bottom because you don't cut through them anyway.

I arranged my little straws on parchment paper, sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar and ginger, baked at 225 for one hour, flipped and continued baking them for another 40 minutes. These seem to be more substantial than the chips turned out.  This is also one of my few recipes that I urge you to not forgo the parchment paper.

I think these would be super cute to serve to kids with a berry "ketchup" in the form of pureed strawberries or something mixed with a little yogurt or applesauce....

Hey wait.  Forget the kids that sounds delicious enough for me...

Anyway, in essence you should also be able to do this with things like sweet potatoes, carrots, and similar and make your own form of veggie straws like I always see people eating. With all the spices available, you could create an endless concoction of flavors.

I like to have crunchy goods.  It isn't that I don't like potato chips, because I certainly do, but I have noticed that I have less patience for things that taste super heavy and like preservatives.  Potato chips to me from a bag, though again delicious in some respects, just don't always taste good enough to counterbalance the ridiculous amounts of fat and grease.  So if I can postpone a random chip craving for that much longer by crunching on apple straws, I will do it.

I blame this on Subway for selling those delicious apple chips. 

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