Sunday, March 3, 2013

Biscuits and Bacon Gravy

-2 C AP Flour
-1 TB baking powder
-1 C milk
-6 TB butter OR Crisco (I used crisco, keep in mind that the pack says to add more liquid if you are using it instead of butter, so adjust milk as needed)

-At least 3 strips of bacon
-2 TB flour to start
-2 C milk to start
-salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the biscuit ingredients and drop blobs on a greased cookie sheet.  Bake at 400 for 18 minutes or until golden.

Meanwhile, cook bacon in a skillet until it is starting to get crispy.  Pull the bacon out and sit it on a paper towel to get some of the excess grease off.

Now, as it turns out gravy is not an exact science for me, though I will tell you exactly how I got to where I did.  I consider it a venture of luck.  My skillet was a little on the large side for a small amount of bacon (I used my largest skillet with the taller sides) so really think about that in advance.  I had it on medium heat.

So I pulled the bacon out and tossed in the flour and began whisking away.  I personally think my I probably could have used another TB of grease in there and should have considered adding in oil but it all worked so I don't mind a bit.  I gave it a minute or so, whisking around, and then put in the milk and began whisking again after putting in some salt and pepper.  I ended up adding another TB of flour and just a tiny bit more milk and then stirred as it started to pull together.  Once it was the texture I liked, I used my kitchen scissors to cut the bacon into small pieces.

Had I needed it thicker I would have put in more flour or a little corn starch.  Had I wanted it thinner, I would have added more milk or oil.  Really, you just have to be brave and go for it and adjust to your taste. Mine was maybe just a slight bit on the thin side compared to some I have had, but I am perfectly fine with that.

Mine ended up making enough for two helpings, one of which I ate as pictured above and the other I plopped in my freezer so that I will have some handy sometime when I don't want to whip any more up.

The biscuit recipe made 9 large biscuits.

Overall, bacon gravy is really tasty.  I ended up having to salt it later at the table, which is fine, I did not expect to get a texture I liked AND the right salt level on my first crack at gravy.  Baby steps, that is my theory.  I am most glad I did drop biscuits, because if I had to clean flour off my kitchen island one more time I was going to lose it.

Just don't forget to add extra liquid if you are using crisco.

I would have used butter if I had any at room temperature, but I was not about to play the melting game with my bipolar microwave. 

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