Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Italian Dip

-1 Tomato, diced
-1 pack feta, crumbled
-olive oil
-1/2 C finely shredded spinach
-1 TB basil (ish)
-2 tsp at least of italian seasoning
-pinch of garlic
-pepper and salt to taste
-toasted bread pieces

I completely give the credit of this to my sister, especially for having super delicious ingredients on hand! Put enough oil in the bottom of a plate to cover it (maybe a 1/2C to a cup?) and then add the remaining ingredients over it.  Season it to taste. 

We served this on pieces of toasted bagel thins as that was MUCH simpler than going out and getting a baguette.  You can use fancy bread if you plan ahead :).

This was a much faster side to our tortellini than our other ideas.  You could add other things in if you wanted, maybe some olives or similar.  It was super delicious!  Keep your seasoning handy though, it takes a lot of some things to get it right where you want it. 

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