Monday, March 18, 2013

Funky, Chunky, and a little Steampunk-y Bracelet

SO I have this tendency to redo things multiple times.  My menu board, this particular steampunk pendant thing I had made, and similar.  This guy was on a necklace but I just did not really enjoy the way it laid, so I revamped it.

All you need to do for this entire thing is find some nuts, washers, gears, of various sizes and wire them together.  I used a large washer as a base and a metal ring that I got off of another necklace.  Then I added in some watch gears and had a pretty cool pendant.  At least, until I decided I didn't want it to be a necklace.

So instead, I bought a 16inch chain from Hobby Lobby with big metal rings. I folded it in half and measured what I needed to take off to have it fit my wrist doubled over. 

I used pliers to open and remove the links I needed off the end, secured that end to the ring before the closure, and attached the pendant on with jump rings.  It was very simple because you can just hook the closure to any of the rings on the other side without needing to create anything else. 

I also hooked the two sides together so that it would all stay in place.  All in all, the bracelet took hardly no time at all to make.  And it is fun because it is like wearing a watch skeleton :).

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