Monday, March 11, 2013

Delicious Pumpkin Granola Bars

-Half a smaller can of pumpkin
-1 C oats
-1/4 C REAL Maple Syrup
-1 Egg
-Handful of pecans, broken into pieces
-Handful of craisins
-1 TB cinnamon*
-5 Shakes ginger
-2 shakes nutmeg

Mix up all of these ingredients, I would suggest doing the egg last and tasting the batter beforehand to make sure it is spiced to your liking.  I recommend the top ones as a starting point.  Also, cloves could be a delicious spice to add in as well, but do so sparingly.  I happen to not have any cloves. 

Anyway, preheat your oven to 350 and turn the batter out onto a cookie sheet with parchment paper over it once you have everything mixed well and spiced to perfection.  Bake at least 22 minutes, or longer for desired texture, let cool for a few minutes and slice.  These came out a lot like my banana ones, which are soft as opposed to crunchy style granolas. 

I really wanted to drizzle white chocolate over them, but I refrained. 

There is a good chance that if I had happened to have any honey flavored greek yogurt on hand, I would most certainly have used that over the egg. I like to add in extra protein in the form of greek yogurt and it also works to hold things together like the egg did.  I also really don't like having an uneven number of eggs, strangely enough.

I am very much a person that completely bottoms out if I don't have protein throughout the day.  I cannot run on sugar, and I am not very pleasant sometimes when I am rather hungry.  So any tasty snack that also is healthy can really help me out.  Granola bars are super simple to make, in my opinion, and can be done with a lot of things you already have on hand. Even if you mess around with a recipe and they won't quite hold together because it is a little too dry, just consider it granola pieces instead of bars! ;)

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