Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Minute Fix + Sleep = The Hair

So a lot of people liked the overnight hair with the braiding, and this method will get you similar results with even less work.

Which makes it my favorite.

Now.  Understand this.  If you need to look really cute when you sleep...this might not be the version for you :P.  You kind of will look like a goofball until you wake up. But for really thick long mane-type hair, it is a gem.

All I do is with slightly damp hair, I separate the top section of my hair and pull it on top of my head as high as I can get it and tolerate it and put it in a messy bun.  I do my messy buns by starting like a pony tail, not pulling it all the way through the first time to make a loop, not pulling the loop all the way through to the second time to make a looped loop, and then securing the bun in with the third pull.  Loose ponytail holders will likely give you a headache, you need the really good ones that aren't stretched out but aren't insanely tight.  Three is a magic number for me and hair.

With the remaining hair I just pull it in to a messy bun at the back of my head.  So yes, this makes a series of goofy buns and I look like a nerd who messed up a mohawk or something, but it doesn't matter because I go to sleep and when I wake up and take them down and spray the heck of it with quality hairspray, it looks like the picture above.  Sometimes it looks even better if I use Freeze It, which has the best hold.

Sadly, my can is nearly empty.

I pretty much do everything from sleeping in one bun with all my hair to two buns to braids, and it is just really a matter of how much of your hair you want to mess with and what you are going for.  Braids tend to make parts of it more crimpy instead of wavy, especially with two braids in. The single bun tends to give the bottoms a lot of volume but not the top because it is futher back on my head.  The two buns gets the whole top part really wavy along with putting body through the underlayer. 

Or you can put your hair in a high pony and sleep with sponge rollers in it.  The most time consuming but a surefire way to get your hair to have a massive amount of body by the time morning comes.

Now, as a little sidenote.  Obviously different hair is going to react different to this.  My hair, personally, will never fix right if I use conditioner.  It makes it all way too soft and slippery so to speak and it just won't hold anything.  I really only ever use conditioner if I have to get a LOT of hairspray out, like after I have had my hair in sponge rollers.  Freeze It and AquaNet always result in conditioner.

Other than that, I don't use it.  I have never dyed my hair and I eat relatively healthy foods so my hair rarely ever suffers the kind of damage that some will.  I don't own a curling iron or straightener, and probably only break out the blow dryer 3 times a month.  So A) that means I use hair fixing methods like this one a LOT and B) I don't have the heat damage. 

Don't bother trying this with soaking wet hair.  I always let mine air dry for a while before putting it up.  Damp is perfect, wet is not going to work.  If you try to do it when your hair is still wet you will wake up with still wet hair, or even a wet pillow, and your hair will hang in odd little drippy strands.  It's really not good.  A braid is the same way, it will hold water for a LONG time if you start with it too wet. 

People always look at my long hair and ask if it is a ton of work. The answer is no, it is never hard work to take five minutes to put my hair up and sleep all night like I would have done regardless.  Waking up to fixed hair is beyond simple.  I also don't get mine cut until it stops fixing right, which is about 2-3 times per year. When no methods will get me body and volume, it is time to see my hair doctor.  

The downside to this over braids is that if you don't feel like fixing your hair the next day you can wear a braid out.  The great thing about this over braids is that it only takes five minutes in the first place, and if you don't want to spray it the next day you can just take it down and let it uncrimp on its own throughout the day or throw it into a ponytail and leave.  Or you can take an extra five minutes and just spray it. 

A curling iron would take me well over an hour.  Not happening.

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