Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flourless Banana Muffins

-4 very ripe bananas
-2 eggs
-2/3 C milk
-3 C oats
-1 tsp vanilla
-1 TB cinnamon
-3 oz Chobani Pineapple Greek Yogurt
-half a small can of crushed pineapple with juice
-1 TB baking powder
-Optional addition of chopped pecans,  1/2 cup
-1/2 tsp ginger
-Pinch of salt
-Dash of nutmeg

Mix all of the ingredients well and put them in cupcake liners in a muffin pan.  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, until the top starts to brown. I ended up sprinkling mine with cinnamon sugar, but that is completely optional.

These were SUPPOSED to taste more like hummingbird cake, but the crushed pineapple I used just did not quite have the flavor that some name brands tend to have.  I noticed it in the last recipe I used as well.  How frustrating.  Cinnamon applesauce should also be considered if you don't have yogurt on hand.

These can easily be gluten free if you buy the right oats.  But no matter what, without having the sugar in them they are a better option for breakfast than a typical muffin.  I used super ripe nearly black bananas, if you use a less flavorful one you might consider adding a little honey in. 

These raise a little, I filled the wells with about 2.5 TB of batter.  Well, really probably 3 since they were heaping scoops...

Definitely bake these in cupcake liners.  Banana works GREAT in recipes, but it can be a little bit of a pain if you don't grease your pans good enough.  Parchment paper and cupcake liners save you a lot of potential hassle.  Once the muffins cool down they are fine, if you try to get one out of the wrapper while it is still hot it will tear a bit.  Not to mention, these taste so much better when they are cooled down, so just wait.

You could use Banana CHO, the pecans or walnuts, and easily have a banana bread muffin and just 86 the darn crushed pineapple that has let me down. 

Oh well.  I love banana muffins QUITE a bit, so these will be just fine by me.

Happy crafting!  I have some much needed sleep to catch up on.

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