Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick Skillet Garlic Toast

It amazes me how many people haven't really had or made skillet toast.  I grew up on it, toast just didn't come out of the toaster unless it was a rare occasion or for something like tuna noodle casserole.  When it comes right down to it, anything out of a skillet is better than anything out of a toaster.  Simple as that. 

I was shopping at Meijer today, easily my favorite grocery store, and a TON of stuff was on 10 for $10/11th free sale.  That is my very favorite sale! I love it at Meijer because at least twice a year it includes a lot of produce.  So I stocked up on strawberries, blackberries, mushrooms, Diet Mountain Dew (practically a fruit, concentrated orange juice is an ingredient!) and snagged a yummy baguette for one of my free items.  I also ran up quite a charge for my little credit card for a girl who "just needed a few things" this week.  I really just needed bread and dew... Oops. 

Anyway, the point is the part of the loaf that I used was either A) free or B) cost me up to .33 cents if you decide I paid a dollar for it!  That is pretty cheap garlic toast. 

Skillet toast of any variety is way better than toaster toast.  It is like a delicacy.  You know that toast you love at restaurants and the toasted sourdough that things like Frisco Melts are on? Yea they don't do that junk in a toaster!  You don't need a flat top grill either. 

All you need to do is spread a thin layer of butter on one side of the bread, both sides is completely not necessary.  For my garlic toast baguette, I spread a little butter and then sprinkled the ever delicious Shipshewana brand Garlic Cheese Topper on it.  I don't know if you can order that stuff online, but if you can, you SHOULD.

With a skillet on medium heat you just need to cook it for a few minutes on each side until you get the desired golden brown-ness you are looking for.  I am a "very lightly toasted" type myself. My mom would probably either laugh or roll her eyes at this, because seriously I was a VERY picky child for a long time when it came to toast.  Even out at restaurants.  There were some grilled cheeses at restaurants that directly resulted in my tears or a chef recooking it.

I am sorry chefs.  It must have been really insulting to have to recook a grilled cheese.  Please forgive me!

Breakfast is the #1 meal for skillet toast.  Your egg samich in the morning will taste much better on skillet toast.  Trust me, I have many years of experience with eating skillet toast.  It also got me through a wicked week of having my wisdom teeth cut out, 4 teeth pulled, and braces put on.

Alright fine, the new gameboy got me through that week.  Not the point.

The only time I make toast in a toaster is if A) I am being incredibly lazy and am avoiding using my grill or using a second skillet or B) when I want to put honey on toast.  Other than that, I always make it in the skillet. 

I also really don't like to turn on my oven just for garlic bread.  Maybe garlic cheese bread, as it has to melt and whatnot.  Plopping it in a skillet just seems way more simple.

And all of this is far less fatty than that butter-drenched frozen Texas Toast garlic bread that, whereas it is delicious, is way too unhealthy to justify eating it.  Not to mention it is a little heavy on the garlic.

All this to say, make toast in the skillet, you will love it.

Happy crafting!

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