Wednesday, February 13, 2013


For anyone thinking this looks really small for a meatloaf, my mom makes up batches of meatloaf awesomeness and freezes smaller loaves for my college self.

Yea that's right.  She makes them for me.  Want to throw spoiled brat card? DO IT.  Haha, no but seriously I thank her for them profusely and love having these little guys.  Perfect sizes for eating on a few days.

AND she was even nice enough to agree to let me release her double top secret recipe.  Feel free to ooh and ahh now.

-2 lb 90/10 sirloin ground beef
-1/2 small onion finely chopped
-1 egg
-1 C evap or whole milk
-1/4 c ketchup
-2 C oats
-Salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all up and spread the ketchup on top.  I usually put seasoning salt and pepper over everything in my dish, and then put the ketchup on, but you do as you see fit.  Bake covered for an hour at 350.  I add about 1/2 c water to large dishes like this and a tablespoon or so of butter.  What can I say, I butter everything.

Now, you may think this little guy looks really dark.  Hmm, why is the ketchup so dark you ask? BECAUSE IT IS BBQ! Hahah, that is right, I barbecued this little guy.  Now, it was alright but it was not as good as I had hoped, but I can tell you exactly why.

I don't actually like smokey BBQ sauces all that well.  I prefer honey BBQ.  Well, I happen to still have part of a bottle of Weber BBQ, and don't get me wrong the flavor is fine and whatnot, but had this been Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ, I might have been completely blown away by this.  All in all though it was good.  Just more smokey than I prefer.

Now, if you take very little of my advice in life that is fine but I do highly suggest this: BUY a mandoline and simultaneously BUY kevlar gloves.  This is a combo made in heaven.  I love my gloves because I can slice stuff at lightning speeds without worrying about losing my pinky.  And trust me, I would have already lost it by now, I have knicked my gloves on many occasions.  But I thick sliced some carrots and potatoes to go in with the meal and it was just delightfully rapid.  Highly recommend the tool.

Highly recommend the meatloaf.

Highly recommend butter.

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