Saturday, February 9, 2013

Easy Resume Layout

Ha, so I am going to be the obnoxious one for a bit that takes pictures of her screen because she doesn't feel like photoshopping them off a screenprint.  Bear with me.

Make a table in Word.  What, you hate Word? I know right, Word is obnoxious, but once you find a few little quirks it can be useful. 

So, table. However big, you just need to two columns and you can always add rows later.  If you hover over the middle column line you can pull it over to the left like so.  Basically this is to make offset consistent.

Type in whatever information, section headings in the left and details in the right. 

Highlight the entire left column and go to the "Table Tools" section at the top.  Under that tab you will find a sub-tab of "layout" where you can change the justfication of this column to completely to the right (top right, to be specific to my preference, you change it to middle right if you prefer).

So you might want to add in some extra spaces at the end of each section, just to space it out further between the sections.

Anyway, after you have the spacing just like you like it, you can go right back to "Table Tools" and go to "Design".  Under design, you will see borders.  You can change it to no borders to make all the little lines dissapear.

Then, in that same table tools selection area you find "Draw Table".  Highlight the top table row, change the line weight next to "draw table" to about 2 or so, really whatever you want.  Click the bottom of the boxes below your name and your contact information.

I click in the middle of where the bottom of the cell would be, if that helps any.

This just sets apart all your details.  You can change the layout and justifications as you like.  I prefer to use Arial and Times New Roman in stuff like this.  Basically, this is just an easy way to set up a quick resume that looks a little different than the typical everything one column, left justified set up.

Just a thought!

Happy crafting!

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