Tuesday, February 5, 2013

101 Things About You: Valentine's Ideas

Back when I met my best friend I started making jokes like "that would be reason #73 on a list of 101 reasons why that will never happen" or "that's reason #56 why I do not care" and similar.  Well it evolved to a more elaborate scheme of actually writing her a list of 101 Reasons Why she was a great best friend, which conveniently worked as a way to cheer her up.

SO, I now offer this idea to you as a Valentine's challenge or just to let someone know you care.  It is seriously so easy to make a list like this.  Even when a relationship is just starting out, you can come up with more reasons than you think.

For those of you who may be in newbie relationships, consider splitting your list between reasons why you like them, funny memories, and things you are excited for.  For all relationships, friendships, and similar, make sure the list has more than just superficial looks reasons.  Some of those are fine, everyone likes to know you think they are beautiful or handsome, but you definitely should avoid the whole list being like that.

I like to do a little physical, a lot of personality traits, fun memories, and inside jokes.

Now, I do hope you didn't think that all I was going to give you is an idea for a list.  I am going to also offer up ideas on how to turn the list into a gift:

-Write your reasons and things on the 3/4 inch circular labels and stick them on the small Reese's cups, or use parts of rectangular labels and stick them on your main squeeze's favorite candy miniatures.  Pop them all in a jar or similar vessel.  This is fun because the list would become more of a surprise.
-Make a photo collage. You could caption the photos, zoom in and crop things like a smile to highlight the reason.  Make them all different sizes and fill in with printed paper or memorabilia from the relationship as needed.
-For you social media holics, TWEET IT.  #101Reasons and getting 101 tweets sent at me? How cool would that be. 
-Make a Prezi.  Prezi is an online presentation machine that can make some really fun presentations with a LOT of twisty turny flying.  You can email the link to your significant other.
-Post-it notes...EVERYWHERE.  Label them with the reason # so that you both can be sure that all of them are found.  Hide them all around the house, in the car, wherever.  Finding those all throughout the day? Amazing, I personally love post it notes so this one is my suggestion.

Now look, I know taking Valentine's Day advice from the chick with the worst Vday luck ever is a bit of a crapshoot, but I can honestly say that this is a pretty solid idea.  Think about how you would feel if someone could give you 101 reasons why you meant everything to them? You would love it!

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