Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Santa Bulb

 We remember the penguin bulb of a few weeks ago, yes?...maybe a month ago really...I don't know that penguin light bulb I did at some point prior to this moment.

Well lucky for YOU, I have more bulbs.  So get a lightbulb, some red paint, some black paint or leading, and a cog or washer or whatever you can find and let's make a SantaBulb.

First, hold your Santa bulb exactly like so.  Alright fine hold it however you want but it is nice to hold it where you won't get paint on you.

I used another side of my makeup sponge that I had used before and painted the whole thing red.  Not pink, not green, not aquamarine, we are painting this Santa RED!

I used white puffy paint to add the trim and black synthetic leading to add the belt.

I had this random Chinese coin or something, I don't really know what it is sadly because I got it from my sister and have no clue where it is from.

And hopefully she doesn't want it back....

I WANTED to find my container that has cogs and gears in it to make it more steampunk. But I actually find this incredibly ironic.

How many of our things we get someone for Christmas say "Made in China?"  I am betting a LARGE portion. Which is mostly because nearly everything we have the option to buy IS made in China. 

I know I have preached it a million times, but I wish that Christmas was less commercial.  Thanksgiving is one of the most consistently joyous holidays because we have not commercialized it.  We have kept it centered around things of importance- family and FOOD.  Lots and lots of food.

THAT is my idea of a holiday.

Whether you are religious or not, I think everyone would get more out of Christmas if it started to go back to having more substance and focusing less on material things.  That's what birthdays are for, geez.  Spend more spend more spend more does not really make you reflect on the meaning and your family and what you have been given.

I am still exhausted beyond belief.  SO I ask you in conclusion to upcycle things into ornaments because they are ridiculously expensive. 

And please, I am begging you, PRAY for this country.  It needs it.

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