Friday, October 26, 2012

Flat Cap necklace

 I FINALLY got it working again.  You know, that idea I had about making a flat cap necklace?

Persistence pays off, my dears.

So I had smashed the daylights out of these caps using a hammer.  Fast method.  I like instant get-ification.

I then used a nail and the very same hammer to punch holes in the caps.  Multifunctional tools, that is how I like to roll.

Plus, how many times do you really get to smash the daylights out of something and craft something cool??

I wired the caps to the chain pieces because the holes weren't exactly spaced right for jump rings.

I was going for something Lindsay Lohan circa Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, pre actually being a drugged up drama queen and post playing the super cute double roll in the Parent Trap.

I really don't understand people who drug themselves up or drink until they can't remember something.

I am a human that feels like I basically woke up 22.  Don't get me wrong I have memories from when I was in diapers (not joking) but still I feel like I have been here no time at all.  And yet, I also feel like an old soul.

I have probably been 30 since I was 15. For those of you who think that your children don't notice what goes on around your home you might be surprised.   A lot of times they do at least notice, they just don't all the time care.  I happen to be a noticing and caring hybrid. 

I have always been a kid who wants to help.  I literally would do just about anything I could in most circumstances for the people I love.  I did not have a job until the summer after I went to college, so I knew I had no hope of ever being able to significantly contribute financially in the form of taking care of my cellphone bill, for example.

However, I did know I could get college paid for if I tried, and that it would be a HUGE help.  Neither my mom nor myself would have accepted me not going to college, and I had no desire to take on full amounts of debt.

All this to say, I don't understand the irresponsibility of many of my peers.  You have a limited time on earth and sure it is "fun" (to them, not to me at all) to go out and party but I just don't understand how the price, the hangover, and the consequences can justify the action.

It scares me that I have been completely sober all 22 years of my life, and yet there are still days I can't remember.  There's details I don't know.  There's parts of my life that I don't even know happened.

Tonight was not one I will soon forget.  I went to a banquet for scholarship recipients and had the worst food, blahsville company, and my scholarship recognition got skipped.  That part I was actually fine with because my donors weren't there anyway and I had little to no desire to get my picture taken.

Those donors called it right by skipping. 

I would have much rather have stayed home and written the latest and greatest grant that we will be applying for, and you KNOW how much those grants have been killing me lately if you have kept up with some of my blogs.

WHY DOES BANQUET FOOD HAVE TO TASTE SO HORRIBLE?!?!? I literally don't get it.  Shouldn't you try to impress the people you want to hound money from???  I guess the cash bar at cocktail hour helps your case...

OMG.  Cocktail hour. THAT was a surefire case of misery right there.  I don't drink, and I knew absolutely no one there.  So my plan of action included chilling in some chairs right outside the little area where everyone was congregating for drinks.

I know, I know.  Not the best case of socialite there.  But it was kind of one of those situations where you knew the other student-aged people really had little concern for talking to you and the adults really just wanted some booze.  I am maybe thinking that the land of architecture is a little on the clique-y side. 

And do you ever just have days where you want to shun the world? Maybe not so literally, but I just now and then have days where I literally do not feel like talking to people.  And I have found that the more people drink and the louder they get...the LESS I want to be anywhere near them. 

They should really warn you on invitations that the first part is drinks and cash bar time, and let you know when the actual DINNER starts.  If for no other reason, they should do it because I came REALLY hungry. 

Which was dumb.  Because banquet food always sucks.

Alright, banquet-rant complete.  Go make some necklaces out of flattened caps.  I have grants to write, because grants wins over cleaning any day.

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