Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Card o' Thanks

I needed to make a thank you card for the banquet I am going to go to in a few days thats an alumni and donor banquet.  I really don't like going to banquets but I really do appreciate the donors of scholarships so I agreed.  If the recipients of the scholarships show appreciation, I am sure that it makes them feel better about the money they donate.

So I was going to make some cool charrette right since I am in urban design.  However, I quickly realized that I know nothing about that yet since I have never done them, and to make sure I didn't make myself look stupid by drawing something lame, I opted to make something different and color it with my new colored pencils.

So I stamped the butterflies on and the thank you and then colored it in with my AWESOME new Prismacolors.
See how cute it will look when they pull it out of the envelope?

I am really not a big butterfly lover nor a cutesy-schmutesy type, but I can handle this for now.

It really kind of looks more like a get well card if you ask me.

Now, hopefully I remember to take back my dress. Pin It Now!

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