Monday, October 15, 2012

I Shall Call Them Smeaglecakes

You know in Lord of the Rings when Smeagle is dancing around like a loon and yelling "Smeagle is FREE!"....

Oh sorry, geek moment warning.

Anyway the grant is finally finished and let me tell you I definitely feel like dancing around like a loon.  However, due to my complete lack of sleep, I have opted not to. 

I did however, make some delicious apple pancakes this morning.  And did not take a picture.  I have leftovers in my fridge but let's face it, the thrill is gone.  The thrill is gone away. :)

I used:
-1 c pancake mix
-1 c applesauce
-1/2c or so of water (possibly slightly less)
-Cinnamon (light dusting) AND Cinnamon sugar mix (less light dusting)
-2 TB brown sugar

Mix, cook, you know the drill.

You will want to use my mom's homemade applesauce.  Oh right, you can't.  BWAHAHA.  Well a nowhere near as delicious but perfectly acceptable replacement will be Mott's unsweetened.

My mom probably just fell out of her chair.

I used to hate unsweetened applesauce. I mean despise to the ends of the earth.  And back. But when my mom makes unsweetened applesauce it is DELICIOUS! Probably because she puts cinnamon in it.  And possibly because I am actually starting to like apples.

And pancakes, for that matter.

They were pretty good.  My only complaint is I had no idea that my 11 AM meeting would turn into an all day research and edit-a-thon on this grant...or I definitely would have eaten eggs with my pancakes.

For 8 hours today I, a protein driven humanoid, ran on pancakes and pretzels....thank goodness I made them with applesauce at least.

My 11AM meeting ended up being a 12PM meeting, and one that lasted until 5 PM because my professor wanted us to simultaneously edit things and redo this and rework that and get this darn grant done. 

Yea.  I sent the final files at 10PM tonight.  Luckily, at 5 I think I had starved him out, and he agreed that the rest of the work could be completed and emailed.  In a battle of wills, I usually win.  This is why I stash pretzels in my studio drawer.

But you know what, as much as I want to be frustrated at him because he is clearly a workaholic, I positively love working with him. 

I said the number one thing I did not want to happen in Grad School was to have to learn about something lame like bugs, or bats, or some other critter that is cool and all but that I have no interest in researching or tracking.  I wanted to do research that was going to change the world for humans.  This grant deals with obesity research and really does have the potential to make a difference, as do the other grant topics we will be submitting and working on.  And I love it. 

I have always been borderline obsessed with changing the world.  Ok not true, I really wanted to take over the world as a kid because I really could identify with the Brain (of Pinky and the Brain).  Here that poor mouse was just trying to do something grand, meanwhile his sidekick was drooling and making some stupid remark.  And always, always with the same questions from Pinky about his plans for the evening.

Poor mouse.

Alright maybe I am glossing over a few facts of the storyline but it's my memory and I can shape it how I want to. 

My professor is also really supportive.  When he goes to edit the paper he not only puts comments in like "don't you think this maybe sounds a bit arrogant" (which it usually does, I can't help it I am proud of the topic) but he also throws in things like "Excellent point, very good".  What can I say? I thrive in praise. I thrive in good grades, and I thrive in "excellents". 

Which is probably why though I am only a 10 hour GA, I have pretty much put them in all tonight, and will still put multiple more hours in this week.  And it's probably why I am blogging so late, because I had to quickly finish all my other papers that are due in the morning because I put them off for this grant.  And it's probably why I have an entire sink of dishes that I am going to try to do half of tonight because although I feel like I skipped a lot of real meals throughout all this, I apparently ate enough to get every skillet I own in the sink.

Enjoy your pancakes, I will be scrubbing the griddle I made them on.  Blah. Pin It Now!

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