Monday, October 29, 2012

Puffy Paint Ornaments: Round 2

Well humans, you have literally boggled my mind with all the love for my puffy painted ornament last month.  She's still going strong on the views, and I appreciate every person who has taken the time to pop in, and even more so the people who have made one!

So, since that little bugger is so cute, I decided to test out some other puffy ideas.  I have been really inspired by all of the lace doily art I have seen lately, so one thing just led to another.

This is going to border on picture overload.  But bear with me.  I found a pack of 8 ornaments or so for a dollar at a flea market so I had to invest.  They aren't clear, which I am starting to realize I actually prefer, but they will do.

How cool would it be to have an entire tree of clear puffy painted ornaments? VERY COOL.

Too bad, I like mishmash trees.

Anyway I made a half flower around the top and then started making my "lace" pattern by drawing a partial circle below it and connecting it all with criss-crossed string patterns.  I had no intention of going all the way around this ornament.  That is for the next one.

THAT'S RIGHT.  You get two puffy painted beauties in this guy. 

So below the crisscrossmishmash I made circles to create open areas like most doilies have.

Did I look off a doily pattern you ask? Nope. That would have been too much like a recipe.

Below those I made a "cupcake" squiggle (that's what it reminds me of) and continued the crisscrossmishmash idea to that layer.
Below that I did longer loops, followed by a larger cupcake crisscrossedmishmash below.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I opted to leave part of this ornament blank.  The answer resides in my memory.

I was very perceptive as a child, first off, and I noticed that my grandmother really seemed to love putting up her tree.  And she used multicolored lights, one of my personal favorites.

As I love mishmashes.

Regardless, I have always noticed ornaments and I have always liked things that are extremely quirky.  I mean good grief I dressed my roboraptor up in Santa-wear last year, quirky is just how I function.

Point being my grandmother had very odd ornaments that had dents in them.  Not accidental dents, mind you, but intentional ones.  Surrounding this was detailed decorations and copious amounts of glitter.  Vintage perfection.

Some of you may already know exactly what I am talking about, but if you don't feel free to google image "vintage glitter ornament" and look for the ones with dents.

Except I really think that there was a red one with red or gold designs that was similar to this one that I have made.  In fact, if I had to peg it I'd say similar to this, dent in the bottom left quadrant if it was held like this guy, red background, dark red sparkly miniature "cupcake squiggle" design all over the rest of it.

This is getting all "Once Upon A December" for me now.  If you haven't watched the cartoon version of Anastasia...get off my blog.

HA just kidding.

Anyway here is a closeup of this little bugger.

That's right.  Copious amounts of polyflake.

No, I do not care that it is more expensive than normal glitter.  It is better.  It's ELECTRIC.

 My mom tends to not be as fond of asymmetrical things as I am, so it preempted this guy in order to compare symmetry values.

So I started by making long flower petals down from the top.

Yes that is my toe in the picture....yes I am in my kitchen....and yes I was cooking dinner while doing this.

A very not well-kept secret about me is I am the most happy if I am multitasking.  85% of the time I can be on my phone texting or emailing and still be carrying on a conversation.  The other 15% is reserved for when I get derailed due to a friend having a crisis, the grants turning in to a crisis, or really just any email from grant team members.  Because they always involve more work on my part.  Blah.
 So I am boiling chicken for a lunch yummy for tomorrow, which you might just learn about tomorrow, boiling noodles for dinner tonight, and adding loops between these petals.  Then I used the puffy paint to put a line across the middle and crisscrossmishmash the space between. 

Sidenote.  How cute would this be in a brown ornament with brown puffy paint and bronze glitter for an ACORN!  Cute, cute, CUTE for country trees, fall decor, etc etc.Really you would probably just want to make the line and then do the criss cross all the way to the top.

But if you are me, an acorn does not suffice and you intend to lace this whole thing.

Once I had the stuff done down to the middle I made a similar flower on the bottom, a similar loopy design between petals, corrected a few areas from my hand shaking, and then crisscrossmishmashed up to the connecting middle line.

Talk about optical illusions.  It seems to me like the addition of that line makes it look more like I knew what I was doing.


As usual, you will want to dry them in your creative drying zone.  For me, that is clothespinned to the bottom of my hanging closet organizer.

Might sound goofy, but let me tell you this has effectively seen me through every ornament I have made and let them dry safe and sound.

If I had to wait and come back and do the bottom half later just to wait until it dried...

I wouldn't.

To any east coasters or anyone who knows an east coaster that may frequent this blog, I truly hope and pray that you are safe.  I have no doubt you would much rather be crafting than riding out a hurricane.  There is an entire country praying for your safety and the Red Cross has already sent out emails for donations, so I know that people will do what they can to help.

It is times like these I do think we should be truly thankful for the country that we live in.  We have agencies that have spent this entire week preparing to help people, whereas other countries have to wait until after disaster strikes to get relief.

But for real, it is really odd to hear the words "Hurricane" "New York" and "Snow" all in the same sentence...and all in October.

And here I thought Indiana weather was weird. 

Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is riding out the storm.

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