Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saving Face: Frame Rehab

We have all seen them: the sad, lonely frames that have dents and scratches and go on clearance only to not be bought because who wants a dented frame???


I found a metal frame at Hobby Lobby for $4 that holds a 5x7 picture.  I don't know if it was the ploy by the marketing company to put the happy family guy in the picture that appealed to my inner feminine side or what the problem was but I was hung up on this frame as I shopped.  It was just such a good quality frame.  Heavy duty, thick, metal. You don't find that for $4.  But there was a big line dent in the side of it and a few other scratches.  How to fix, how to fix....

That's right.  PUFFY PAINT. 

I started by dragging a line across the dent because it would need to be built up.  I then started working the squiggles all over.

If you want to get technical, I googled it and discovered it is called Cornelli Lace.  But I prefer to say squiggles, brain lace, and similar.  Cornelli sounds so formal.

Anyway I brain laced this frame starting at the dent and working my way around the frame.

Look at that freaking marketing ploy with those happy people.  Rawr.
I also wanted to work down and around the sides to give it more dimension and visual intrigue.  And to make sure that the dent would not be visible from the side.

Random sidenote.  Here is my gripe with shows like Finding Bigfoot and Ghost Adventures. You never hear the sounds they claim to hear.  I mean really.  I could sit here and say what was that and freak someone out. Sheesh.

So yes puffy paint and puffy paint and more more puffy paint all around the frame.

My original plan was to do this corner, paint it light tan, and put green crackle paint at the top corner and make the frame look really vintage.

Well, I left my green crackle at school, my tan spray paint looked camel color, and I was not liking it.

Now, keep in mind that if you were to paint this frame green first and then puffy paint over that, it would be beautiful. You can always paint first, puffy later, and have a white lace look over a color of your choosing.

My mom liked the frame just as it is in this picture, and I did as well, but you know me, I couldn't just let it be.
So I painted it green, then I painted it khaki (camel), and then I finally painted it hammered bronze.


I mean don't get me wrong I loved the white lace and would have really adored it over a sage green. 

But I also love metals and hammered spray paint, so this works out really well for me.

It is going to make a great Christmas gift for someone with a personalized quote or picture in the middle.

Now, go out and save those dented frames! Pin It Now!

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