Friday, October 19, 2012

Fire Hat Cake

We had to make a fire hat cake for a groom's cake. 

Our secret weapons were a soccer ball pan, super red icing coloring (the liquid type that makes it really vibrant), red, yellow and black fondant.

And of course, the logo in a sugar sheet because It is so much simpler than trying to make all that in more fondant.

The soccer ball pan does not make the dents like you think it will, so if you really need those dents for a soccer ball, Just warning you it may not turn out easy.

We put the ball on top of a slightly bigger round cake, iced it all, and used some of the excess cake to make the brim and the back of it. 

Pizza cutters make great fondant cutters.

This is a great method for making ball caps too.

Or turtles.  I REALLY wanted to make a turtle.

Anyway, I would love to stay and chat but I have more wedding cake to finish! Pin It Now!

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