Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chipotle Chicken Salad Sandwich

I TOLD YOU there would be awesome chicken things today.

As you know if you read my blog last night about my two super cute puffy painted latest ornaments, I was boiling chicken and noodles while making them.  The noodles had nothing to do with this post, except that I ate them last night with butter because I really wasn't in the mood for anything else.

BUT the point is, the chicken. I boiled a chicken tenderloin for about 40ish minutes until I could shred him with 2 forks. I say 40ish because I was making the ornaments, it made it really difficult to keep track of time.

After the chicken was shreddable I shredded it and put it into a container to let it cool for a moment. It didn't take too long at all, and as soon as it was more on the warm instead of hot side I put about a tablespoon or so of chipotle mayo in it and a tablespoon of sour cream.  You could use regular mayo, I just didn't have any, so sour cream it was.  Greek yogurt would be a great consideration as well.
 I let that sit in the fridge overnight after adding in a few sprinkles of the Hormel Real Bacon Pieces.  I much prefer these to those odd Baco things.

I would also say that pecans would be delicious in this.

Regardless, this morning I toasted two pieces of bread, cored an avocado to spread on the sandwich, added my chipotle chicken salad, and quartered some tomato slices.

It may seem odd to quarter them, but I find this to be the easiest way to eat them on a sandwich.  They don't fall off or cause trouble.

 Unfortunately they are the superstore variety, much like the avocado. 

My favorite way to peel an avocado (maybe its the only way?) is to use a spoon to go between the skin and the flesh to essentially hollow it out.  Once you go around the outside you can stick your spoon down in the side and pop the green part right out in one fell swoop.


If you have not tried chipotle mayo yet I question what you are waiting for?  I am not a big fan of spice and I LOVE this stuff.  It would be great for topping, dips, spreads, CHEESEBALLS (used in a small amount with low fat or ff cream cheese because it is not light), and definitely on burgers.

And I bet it would make a very curious deviled egg...

HMMMMM.  Note to self, barter for that on the TurkeyDay Menu. 

I bought a loaf of bread yesterday and have already eaten about half of the loaf. I just was not in the mood to make it this week so I had resigned myself to not having bread until I went home this weekend.  Then my mom suggested I go get bread in case rogue winds leftover from the hurricane took out the power.

And yes, I am in Indiana.  But you would be surprised what we have actually taken from Monstercanes.  Ike winds took power down in my hometown for a few days, obviously not to the extent that any damage is where the actual hurricane is.  I am in no way trying to smooth over the damage that happens to places in its path.

But what I am doing is saying that these storms are powerful and sometimes hold together for strangely long times.  And the power lines around my apartment are above ground...so any wind can essentially take a tree out and kill them.

And the amount of foods I like that don't involve cooking are really few and far between.  No poptarts here.  The point is, my resignation to not have bread and then actually having bread has led me to an all out bread eating frenzy.

Partially because it is white and not wheat and so it is completely bad and DELICIOUS.

Now go make chipotle chicken samiches! Pin It Now!

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