Thursday, October 25, 2012

Super PACman

A little election humor there in my title...wait I think that makes me a nerd.  Woops...

Weeks/months/eons ago because that's how long it feels like it was, I made salt dough things.  One was a cute little circle with a little pizza slice taken out of him, formerly known as Pacman. Fast forward a few weeks from making him and I painted him with watercolor paint and coated the little bugger in resin.

Resin is my wonder tool, you see.

So then all that was left to do was give him a (g)host, in this case a necklace.  Prepare yourself.

 I made a bail for my little pacman using wire.  I wrapped it through like so then around itself like so in the next picture.

Meanwhile, I was stringing blue beads on wire, of which you will take heed and will use string because wire really doesn't pan out that well.

It makes me no difference, because I have already decided I am going to switch this over to a bracelet when I am done.

So, blue beads + Pacman + string +wire +closures.

Taadaaaah.  A bail(out).  HAHAH more political humor.  Oh geez.

I will elect to stop making such jokes.

So here he is as a necklace. Pretty cool, all great and good, yada yada yada...

I really think it will make a much cuter BRACELET! My plain is to take all of this apart and put a single blue strand, maybe two, around and then have him hanging off.

When I get some more yellow beads, I think I will make them hang off the bracelet as well after I make it.

I thought I had yellow beads, just for the record.  But apparently I have already used them all.

That's ok though, there is a Hobby Lobby just minutes from my apartment.

Today was a great relief after a very stressful fall break.  Don't get me wrong, the being home part was excellent.  In fact, I would have liked to have been able to just stay there. 

But the car breaking, my mom's car breaking, the wedding cake and grooms cake, and not being able to get any homework done because I left half my stuff here, was just a lot to take on.

See, I say that and the minute I do I really don't even believe it because so many people had worse weeks than I did.  I mean in the grand scheme of things, save both cars breaking, it was pretty easy stuff to get through. 

However, today was spectacular.  I got a letter recently from my apartment saying they wanted me to renew or terminate my lease by January.  I really question why they do this will college kids as our schedules don't operate on the January to December frame as much as August to July.  However, I decided I would ask my department here how I would go about applying for another GA position and how soon they typically determined who gets one....

Well the answer I got blew me away.

I am on a scholarship here at BSU, and am actually going to an alumni banquet tomorrow evening because of it.  Well, this scholarship must be even more important than I realized, because they are going to guarantee me a graduate assistantship position for next semester.  It may involve more "official hours" that I have to work, which won't affect me at all going from "10" to "20", but they have assure me I will have either the scholarship back if they are allowed to give it to a returning student or a full time graduate assistantship.

These are the things that solidify my belief in God. Now, don't take that as an "I believe in God because he gives me stuff" statement because it isn't.  I have been far too fortunate of a human for it to be coincidence, as far as I am concerned, especially with college funding.

For my undergrad I applied to 6 colleges.  That is fairly reasonable.  However, to get a full ride (which was the only way I could even go ANYWHERE other than the local one that I did not want to go to) I only applied for 2.  One was for Hanover, and they told me point blank I did not have a shot because I did not have a 4.0 (my 3.98 just wouldn't cut it there, you see). The second was for Indiana State.  So essentially...I applied for one.

Graduate School was even more crazy because I literally only applied to two colleges.  Everyone said I had to apply for more but I had NO interest in going out of state and I had NO interest in anything other than Urban Planning.  Now don't get me wrong UofL is technically out of state but they count southern IN students as in-state. 

However, I get to UofL for an interview and the very first thing THEY tell me is they have absolutely no money....awesome.  So essentially, I only applied to Ball State when you factor in once again my only chance for graduate studies was if I found an assistantship or scholarship.

And yet lo and behold here I am, with one paid for degree under my belt and another guaranteed.  I won out on two very competitive scholarships, I was of the era of ISU only giving 8 fulls and 8 half rides for the Presidential Scholars, and as far as I can tell there is only one recipient for the scholarship I have here at BSU. To me, this kind of stuff seems like it should be nearly impossible to pull off.

I always say God gave me a sixth sense.  There are times I become so incredibly fixated on something that I know it's where I have to be.  I occasionally find myself this way with people, and know that they are meant to be involved in my life.  My best friend and I are this way, and often joke we have no idea how we became friends it just happened.  Although, I would argue that it was 12 aces later in a sand volleyball game where I was dominating the boys with serves that solidified our friendship. ISU and BSU have both been instances where I was completely fixated on needing to be there.  Sometimes, you just have to follow that little voice.

I bet if you really look back at things now and then you could see things that you didn't realize then but can see now that they happened for a reason.  I see so many reasons behind relationships that ended, ones that did not start, and friendships that were postponed that it is absolutely mindblowing to see how it has all culminated in the right here right now.  I encourage everyone to reflect now and again, because you don't appreciate where you are without remembering where you are from.

I don't know how any of this relates back to pacman either...

So get craftin.

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