Sunday, June 9, 2013

Engagement Picture Cookies

A recent bride had a really fun request of getting their engagement pictures put on cookies to serve at the reception.  We did a combination of square cookies with fluted edges and heart shaped cookies. One heart got a larger picture of the happy couple, and the rest of the hearts got scrolling similar to what was going on the cake (the red and white one of yesterday's post).

This was done with sugar cookies, royal icing, and edible images.  We finished the majority of the cookies off with a shimmery edible glitter.

You want to put the images on while the icing is wet.  I suggest not using anything but white icing for edible images because the color really will distort lighter parts of the cookies.

You have to be careful with them, they are delicate and will tear if you let them get too warm. Do not let them get too hot in a car, it will completely mess them up. 

We get our edible images done at a cake shop and make the cookies and icing ourselves.  If you don't have any local place you can get them, or just don't want to do the cookies, check with bakeries nearby.  Most places, Kroger included, should have the printers and will make the cookies or put the images on a cake for you.

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