Friday, June 14, 2013

Turning Square Cakes into Hexagon Cakes

The first step in this process is to make a template.  This picture shows the sizes I used, I was mostly just concerned with the front panels increasing relatively evenly.

I cut mine out of cardstock scrapbook paper with a big o paper cutter.  You may want to measure it just slightly skinnier than your pan (subtracting maybe just an 8th of an inch off each side) or you can just adjust as needed on the fly.

We adjusted on the fly of course.

So when your cakes come out of the oven, go ahead and ice between them and layer them on to each other without cutting them.

AFTER they are stacked is when you want to cut them as it is less difficult to get them even if so.

If you are doing a stacked cake, you can use the same templates on the boards.  Our cake was just shy of the same size as the template, but it was very simple to improvise.

Use the big giant Wilton tip that is commonly used for base icing.  I pipe mine with the flat side facing out because I think that the ridges on the other side help it stick to the cake.

Trust me, you need this tip for cut cakes.  It makes cakes in general far simpler, I must say, but it is imperative that you use it when you are shaping your own cake.

After you get icing strips on you can go all around and smooth them out and decorate as desired.

Here is the super cute tiny top layer. 

This is the first cake we cut and I did not consider this difficult at ALL, especially having the large Wilton tip.

Happy crafting!
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