Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick and Easy Map Necklace

Sometimes you want something with a personal touch that doesn't take twenty-four hours to make.  I love maps, LOVE them, and this necklace took hardly no time to put together.

Buy the rectangular frames from Hobby Lobby.  Use the clear plate as a template and draw around a section of a roadmap, picture, memento of some sort, whatever you like and cut it out. 

You will also need a couple of jump rings and a ribbon necklace or chain, whichever you prefer.  Pick those up at Hobby Lobby as well.

You might consider Mod Podging the map, I am not sure exactly how water sealed the frame would be.  However, if you typically are well prepared with raincoats and umbrellas that may be of little concern to you.

...I get caught in a lot of rain storms unprepared...

Anyway just attach the frame to the necklace with jump rings and you are good to go!

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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