Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gum Paste Flower Tutorial

You will need gumpaste in the color you want and BLOW POPS!

That's right.  My mom is pretty much a genius.  I was moping about having to make cake pops to get a good core for this full flower, and she piped up with the awesome idea of using blow pops.  That is multiple hours saved!

I pull off pieces of gumpaste, balls about the size of just larger than a pea.  Next, smoosh the gumpaste out nice and thin to form a nice big petal.

The first petal should stick just fine to the sucker, but if not just add a little touch of water and it will stick.

 For the first layers of petals, you don't have to worry about them going all the way to the bottom because you want to build up a nice thick middle so that the whole flower looks full.

So keep building petals like the first, overlapping them and using a little water as needed to get them to stick.

I would suggest orienting the tops of the petals in toward the center and taking care to cover up the sucker in the middle.

With each petal that you put on, you can press the edges and roll them just slightly between your fingers to get them to be just paper thin and fluttery.

I used a cake pop drying stand to hold the gumpaste flowers.  they are very heavy, so make sure to use something substantial.
I will let these dry overnight and then tomorrow I will mix Vodka and Luster Dust to paint over the outsides and the rims of the flowers. 

That will add depth and sheen and make these the perfect flowers to sit on top of a cake.

I actually trust gumpaste a lot more than fondant as it is pretty reliable once it dries.  It is also super easy to get it out thin.

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