Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frisco Swap: Healthier Sauce with Chobani Greek Yogurt

-1 6oz container Chobani 0% Plain Greek
-2.5 TB Ketchup
-1/4 tsp ish of Lowry's Seasoned Salt
-1/2 tsp sweet pickle relish (I used mostly the juice as opposed to the chunks)
-Pinch of pepper
-Pinch of garlic
-Optional tiny dash of onion

So basically you just mix up all the ingredients.  Because it is just that simple.

You may add a tiny bit more ketchup depending on your taste buds, but I really enjoyed how close this came out.  For not having the same fatty richness that a cup of mayo as a base would have, it has some absolutely fantastic flavor to more than make up for it.  I kinda want to put it on everything!

I am going to put this on a MEATLOAF SANDWICH tomorrow for lunch because I am crazy and I have always hypothesized that meatloaf would make a better burger than burger itself would.  Therefore, I should put my favorite burger sauce on it.  But that might just be because I love meatloaf.

You could also very easily put it in my cheeseburger pasta recipe, found at , to make a whole new animal of amazingness.  You could mix it with cream cheese to make delicious wraps with maybe some BACON in them.  Oh mouth is watering.

Lunch tomorrow is going to be epic.

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