Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pottery Painting Fun

So we went to a pottery painting place (me and my best friend) for my birthday.  I grabbed this super cute bowl that I originally was going to make an ice cream bowl...

AND then I painted it to look like a flower.  Which I guess could still be cute as an ice cream bowl, especially if I made something like green tea ice cream.  That sounds tasty.

Anyway I used 2 shades of purple, 1 pink, 2 greens, a black, and a freckle paint.

Paint your own pottery places are super fun, and a great way to have a fun birthday, a tame bachelorette party, or just a fun day in general. 

I considered making a cool plate to photograph my food on, maybe I will save that for next time!
Here is the side of it where I put some cute little vines all around.  I think it will go in my bedroom that has a lot of natural colors in it.

After all, I have 8 sundae cups in my apartment and always need extra storage and cute things in my bedroom.

I had such a good time I would go back in a HEARTBEAT.  Even if painting isn't your thing, I think everyone would find enjoyment in these outings.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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