Monday, June 3, 2013

Skillet Grilled Cod with Fruit Salsa

We bought some delicious looking cod at Trader Joe's.  First and foremost, we liked the idea of our fish being a product of the USA.  Good job to you Trader Joe's.  Good job to you.

Anyway, on just over medium heat grease a skillet with a little butter.  Drop the fish in the skillet, season with seasoned salt and pepper for a mild flavor or blackening seasoning for a kick, and cook on each side for about 3 minutes.  Like most meats, you really only want to have to flip it once.  But fish is especially sensitive because it has a tendency to fall apart if it is overhandled.

If you are a newbie cook or inexperienced with fish (I think I qualify on both counts) you might want to cut it in half to make sure it is done.

We served this with my fruit salsa of a last week, which has mango, kiwi, pineapple, honey, and a little mint. It was made with all fresh fruits and herbs, the fruits were also products of Trader Joe's and the honey was locally sourced honey that I bought from Whole Foods.

We served it all over rice.

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