Saturday, September 22, 2012

Creating the Mecca-lier

 My new Craft Mecca is on the distant horizon, and I finally got around to making the chandelier.  I am going to be using this beautiful damask wallpaper that I found on, and I wanted the light to have coordinating details.  I went back and forth on the accessory color for the light, and was lucky to have my sister tip me off that Meijer had a bunch of jewels on sale near their candles.  She listed me off the colors, and I KNEW that red was exactly what I wanted.  As such, a plan was born.

You will need:
-A brass octopus, aka a chandelier, mine is a 5 arm for mecca
-2 cans of black metallic flake krylon, or try the hammered black, or do whatever color you want
-a scrap of wallpaper or scrapbook paper wide enough to go around the "candles"
-jewels and wire

 Take the bulbs out of your light and give it a nice coat of paint.  If you are not going to cover the candle parts with paper and you need to cover those well, you will want to stuff paper towel or put painters tape over the top where the lightbulb goes in to save it from getting gunked up.


I like to hang mine in a tree because you need to be able to hit it from every angle.

Don't overly concern yourself with the candles if you are going to paper over them. 

 Cut your scrap of wallpaper.  Pull the candle stick off the light (most aren't attached) and put it on the paper to measure how much you need to cut.  This is where having somewhat of a coat of paint on it comes in handy, because you know exactly what parts will show and what won't.

Why waste paper on what won't be seen?

Get out your handy dandy bottle of mod podge and adhere your paper to the candle stick.  I personally put a coat of mod podge on there.

 I had to use thread because I left my wire at school and am home for the weekend, but you will be where your craft goods are and will use black wire or something that will blend in with whatever color you paint it.

Or you will paint your wire.  Trust me, you really want to use wire.

String whatever jewels and beads onto the wire and wrap the end around your light. 

I like to hang jewels off everywhere possible, and would eventually like to string some between the arms that have a mix of colors on them.
Here is how my light turned out, all there is left to do is glue down and secure some of the knots I had to tie (which you won't have because you will use WIRE) and to tweak a few of the strands.

OR I am going to take them all off and redo them with wire.

Regardless, this is such a cute way to pull in details from the rest of your room and have a VERY unique light fixture.

Go forth, and raid all of your local flea markets and peddler's malls, because that is where I found this light in the first place for $20.  Pin It Now!

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