Sunday, September 23, 2012

If You Teach A Man to Fish

 If you teach a man to fish, his daughter will use his lures to make jewelry.

Ladies, it is time to raid the man cave! There are all kinds of goodies in there it turns out, just waiting to be made into wearables.

For this bracelet (or statement necklace) you need:
-Chain and closures and jump rings
-metal lure pieces

You can buy them just about anywhere, but where is the fun in that?

 Go ahead and cut your length of chain and add your closures.

Lay out your pieces so that you can arrange the colors and similar.

Attach them with the jump rings, and get to wearing!

In just a few minutes, you can have this super cute bracelet, and most people probably won't make the connection that it is fishing lures.

This would be a great thing to look for materials at a flea market!

This fits with my day in a roundabout way, as I was out with a good friend hiking some trails and chatting by the river.  You may be in shock as I never talk about doing anything outdoorsy, but I do like trails. 

I just wouldn't camp.  Unless I was in a nice camper or RV.  And even then I'd prefer a cabin or a hotel haha.

Almost outdoorsy at least.

Regardless, it was a refreshing day.  I would go into detail, but I am worn out....


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