Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pinacakes: A Breakfast Vacation (with PROTEIN!)


Thankfully you know what a pancake looks like, my apologies my dear readers.

I bought a big carton of greek yogurt to make that pumpkin ice cream, right? I was tired of the whole 2 cups of heavy cream, unimaginably fatty and caloric stuffed ice cream recipes, so I opted to cut it down a bit.  Regardless, I had yogurt left over.  Naturally this has led to many experiments on what it can go in.  This.  Is one of those.  (Law and Order noise).


Anyway here we go:
-1 c pancake mix or your homemade base  (mine's almost empty, I hope to have a homemade version soon)
-1/2 c of greek yogurt  (or just use a small container and be prepared to add some more liquid)
-1/2 c of crushed pineapple PLUS the juice, no draining here
-1/2 c of coconut (optional, but tasty!)
-3 heaping TB of brown sugar (or just throw some in and call it a day)
-Optionals: pecans....yea that's all I can think of.

Mix this all together, admire how fluffy the batter looks, chuckle to yourself that it has at least 10 grams of protein in it, and dollop out some 1/4c pancakes onto your super awesome griddle. 

I like to cook mine a few minutes, flip, smoosh them down so that they cook throughout better (in my opinion), let them cook a few more on that side, and remove.

So simple.  So tasty.  Pin It Now!

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