Thursday, September 20, 2012

Box on a Roll



What you need:
-An empty toilet paper roll, or a paper towel roll, cut down to the size you want
-A 6x6 scrap of paper, you will have to cut some overhang later so you can make it more precise if you want
-Rafia or ribbon

Before you attach the paper, use your thumb to press each end down on both sides, so that you know where it will need to bend.  Then fold them back up temporarily to put the paper on.

Pour out some mod podge on your page and fingerpaint it all over.  Or use a brush, if you are fancy like that.

Put the paper on the roll and wrap it around.  The easiest way to do this is to stick your thumbs in the roll and press the paper down all the way around.  This helped me get it tight and secure.

Fold your ends in a bit and trim off the excess paper, at least on the top end.  Unless you just feel like it, it is not inherently necessary to do it on the "bottom". 

Tie, and glue if you want to make sure it sticks, a pretty ribbon or rafia around the tube.  You can glue your bottom together to ensure nothing falls out if you are worried.

Takes about five minutes, plus a few more to dry!

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