Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Italian Crunchtaculars

Let me preface this by saying I think all recipes should have fun names.  Who wouldn't want to try an ITALIAN CRUNCHTACULAAAAR! (you yelled that in your head I hope)

Let me warn you this will sound like a very odd recipe.  It stemmed from a cheeseball I "invented" and I have used it on a million things ever since.

You need:
-French loaf, baguette, something yummy from panera, good quality bread.
-EVOO, just a drizzle (or butter, because you know I love butter)
-Cream Cheese (I never buy anything more than reduced fat and often by FF)
-Pesto, just a smidge
-Craisins (hang with me, I swear it is delicious)

Ok so this is really simple, you cut your bread into thin slices.  You drizzle melted butter or EVOO over them so that they will crisp in the oven.  Then you slap on a layer of cream cheese and a thin thin layer of pesto.  Pesto is strong and there is no need to overload here.  Next you top with your craisins.

Actually, there are two ways of doing this.  The first one is and likely the one I did in this picture is you toast your bread in the oven before you add your toppings.  I usually do 350 until they are golden, but you can broil it too if you really watch them closely. 

OR you can put your toppings on and then pop them in the oven, which also works just fine because I use this same ingredient list on a pizza that is divine. 

It is a really nice little snack that is high in flavor and richness without necessarily having as much fat as some other snacks would.  And it's crunchy. 


Again, I know this sounds like the oddest combination, probably more so since it is coming from a college kid but if you like pesto, you will love this.

If you hate pesto, I suggest(o) you don't try it.  Haha.  Pesto Suggesto.  That's gonna stick.

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