Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tweet Wishes

Today, I am taking a little different track and showing you an idea for a card that I made and love!  I really want to start making Christmas cards again soon, so hopefully those will be on the radar in the next few weeks.  For this card you need:

-Blue Paper
-A cricut cut out bird design or a Bird Sticker
-A cricut cut out of a branch
-Thin strips of green paper

I glued the blue paper to the card, and the branch over that.  I have seen paper quilling countless times, but did not see the point in buying the tools.  I found that tweezers work really well, just wrap the paper tightly around the tweezers.

I like to use different shades of green for the leaves, it gives the cards more interest, in my opinon.  It is easy to just glue them down using regular glue, no E600 needed.

And finally, I used a patterned blue paper to cut out the bird, gave it sparkly gold eyes and a beak.  I put the bird on a mounting dot so that it stands out more.

Feel free to add things like "Tweet Wishes" for a birthday card or something such as "A little bird told me" for a surprise announcement or congratulations, or anything such as that.

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