Monday, September 17, 2012

My 5 Minute Santa (Plus a Little Drying Time)

I don't always have time for deeply involved crafts.  I figured I would have been done with more of my homework than I am by this time today, but my Google Sketchup model was being so quirky and slow that it took me from 10 this morning til around 5 or so to put the "finishing touches" on my model and turn it in.  It was so frustrating. 

I really like quick crafts for this reason.  Sometimes, you just want to make something really quick, have it turn out super cute, feel great about yourself, and get back to whatever homework, housework, or other work you were doing.  Well, this was one of those times, and I think I had this guy done in about 5 minutes...and that is with using paint!  All it needs is to dry overnight, which it can do on its own.

You need:
-A small flower pot (you can use any size really, I just used the ones that are about 2-3 inches tall)
-Red Paint
-Black leading or paint
-White puffy paint
-A small washer (larger if using a larger pot)
-A makeup sponge

 Put you out a very small dollop of paint, use your sponge, and paint the "bottom", which in this case is actually the top, red.

Use the leading or black paint, or even a sharpie to put a black belt right above the ridge.

Use your white puffy paint to paint the ridge and to make a line up the front for where his "jacket" meets in the middle.

You can add buttons if you like, I don't suggest trying to make them with the leading.

Stick the washer right in the paint and let it do the work for you.

This is just to kind of give you an idea of some of the things you can do with it.  You can put a gaudy green candle dish on it...or not.  It would be very cute with a white or red plate on top for desserts, if you want to stick one on but don't want to glue it and ruin your paint, consider using a mounting dot or tape to hold it on there without permanently attaching.

Other thoughts I have on this guy:
-You could put a fishing sinker on a string, or a heavy bead, string it through the openin and glue it on top, attach a small handle or finnial on top and make your own santa bell
-You could put a large bead on a string, string it through the opening, tie a knot or bow in the string and use this as an ornament
-You could paint this like a pilgrims hat and use it for Thanksgiving decorations

You don't need great painting skills to do this.  It's a very quick and very versatile way to make a really cute display for holidays or festival booths, and I was able to pick up my flower pots at the dollar tree! 


Happy crafting, I am back off to homework land. Pin It Now!

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